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Underfunding with Saddle River School District

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Letter Reveals Underfunding of NJ Public Schools

At the 2/7/17 Saddle River Board of Education (BOE) meeting, contents of a letter from a Board of Education member shows a huge underfunding issue with our public schools in NJ.

A letter from Mark Schonewise from East Greenwich BOE in Gloucester County indicated a huge underfunding issue for many New Jersey towns like Saddle River. While a larger town like Jersey City is overfunded in the tune of $140 million dollars, many towns like Saddle River are vastly underfunded by the State.  According to Mark Schonewise, Saddle River School District is only funded at 33% in accordance to with the SFRA Act of 2008.

Politics as usual is an issue. The State Senate is trying to pass a bill called the SR-100 which can’t get to a vote in the State Assembly. The Assembly Leader Vincent Prieto refuses to put the bill up for a vote because it would effect his district which is Jersey City. Jersey City according to Mark Schonewise only funds 16% of their education costs compared to the statewide average of 60% by most districts.

Unfortunately if no spending plan is placed by March 2, 2017, then current Governor Christie could stick with the currently flat funding. Mr. Schonewise advises a grass roots effort now may help to push to bill into a vote. The contact info for Vincent Prieto (Assembly Speaker) and Louis Greenwald (Majority Leader) will be placed at the bottom of this post, so parents may contact them directly and ask for the bill SR-100 to be voted on.

After this letter was discussed in the Saddle River BOE meeting, Council Person Ron Gray stated he would bring this up to the general Council for discussion and for any possible action.

Please ask them both to put the bill SR-100 up for a State Assembly VOTE!!

Vincent Prieto (Assembly Speaker)
Phone: 201-770-1303

Louis D. Greenwald (Majority Leader)
Phone: 856-435-1247

Reported by: Dr. Jean Weng Holden

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