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Saddle River Explores Leasing Well to Public Water Company

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Mayor Explores Possible Lease of Well Water

In hopes of bringing an un-tapped revenue source to the town of Saddle River, Mayor Al Kurpis has started an exploratory outreach to the public water company Suez Water, to see if the town can rent an unused well to them.

Located in Rindlaub Park is an high-capacity well that is not actively used. The Mayor is looking to see if the well may be leased on a short-term to intermediate basis to the public water company. The town of Saddle River reached out to Suez Water about the idea. Billie Gallo from Suez Water states that currently its just an exploratory idea and that Suez Water does not lease wells in any other municipalities thus has no prior experience with this setup. Further investigations and planning would need to be done to determine if there are benefits for the town and Suez Water to do this.

Some council members from Saddle River do not agree with the plan. Council President Eric Jensen is for one who finds the plan skeptical and does not see any substantial revenue to be generated if the idea even goes thru. Borough Engineer Martin Spence also does not know how much invoicing the town can bill Suez Water for the well water, and states that any water-sampling tests must be performed by Suez first.


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  1. Jon Kurpis

    It should be noted that Mayor Kurpis wasn’t going to pursue leasing the the well to Suez even if they wanted to move forward with it. This article makes it seem like Suez made the final decision and that is a far cry from the truth.


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