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Private Donors Pay for Wandell School Cupola

Wandell School in Saddle River, NJ
Wandell School Entrance

Private Donors Pay for the Controversial School Cupola

The controversial structure that was built to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the school has now received funding through private donations – ending an rift within the community.

Back in June 2016, the Mayor and Council approved a budget for the construction of a cupola on top of Wandell School. This caused an big rift and disagreement with the Borough Council and community members. Now the issue has past with the donation made by private donors for the full cost of the $20,000.00 cupola.

The Mayor and Council with a split vote approved the resolution to donate funds for the building of the cupola. But the Council did not outline where the money would come from to build the structure – which was a main point contention with opposing Council members and citizens. Opposition Council members raised concerns that the borough did not have the legal right to pay for the project nor was there a budget for the cost.

But the Saddle River Home and School Association went forward with the construction which was completed in November, in time for the 100th Anniversary celebration of Wandell School.

At the end of the year, and at the last council meeting of 2016 Home and School Association President Joanne Ireland stated that private residents donated the amount to cover the cost of the cupola, eliminating the burden of the town to pay for it.

“Our decision to withdraw our request for the $20,000 gift was a simple one: why burden the taxpayer when funds were procured from generous, private residents who wished to be a permanent part of our historic centennial celebration,” Mrs. Ireland said.

This has ended hopefully any lingering issues with the Wandell Cuopola and the costs associated with it.

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