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Mary Higgins Clark of Saddle River NJ

The Queen of Suspense Calls Saddle River Home

American author of suspense novels, Mary Higgins Clark, is a long time resident of Saddle River, NJ. Mary Higgins Clark’s books have sold over 100 million copies worldwide. Continue Reading

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Happy Halloween Saddle River

Have a Fun and Safe Day on This Spooky Holiday

Everyone at Saddle River News wishes their families a safe and fun Halloween. Activities start at school with students dressing up and having a show-off parade. Then it moves after school to Trick n’ Treating on the neighborhood streets.  Continue Reading

Saddle River News

Saddle River Deer Issue

After Years of Debate and Voting Saddle River Still Has a Deer Problem

After a vote in 2016 and multiple meetings on the issue, Saddle River still has a deer problem that won’t go away. This month NJ’s Environmental Commission recommended moving forward with a controlled hunt to reduce the overabundant population of deer that has been plaguing the town and its neighbors.
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