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Waterford Gardens

Waterford Gardens

Special Water Garden Paradise in Saddle River

Located in the heart of Saddle River, NJ is the country’s premiere water lily farm – Waterford Gardens. A beautiful collection of the best water lilies, plants and pond fish you will ever see in one location.

Waterford Gardens has been around for 31 years. Their grounds showcase their products which are the best water garden plants, fish and equipment products you can find today. They sell everything from the water garden plants including beautiful Lily plants, pumps, conditioners and beautiful Koi fish.

Their water lilies showcase a range of colors and sizes. They also carry Lotus flowers in different sizes and the large collection of hardy and tropical bog plants which all garden ponds need.

Waterford GardensFor fish, they have imported and domestic Koi fish for sale. Other water life includes tadpoles, snails, and freshwater clams.

Waterford Gardens backs this up with an insightful and friendly staff and world-class service. Best of all the grounds are free to explore and look around.

Come by anytime to visit.

74 E. Allendale Road
Saddle River, NJ
Phone: 201-327-0721

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