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The Body Image Boutique Opens in Saddle River

The Body Image Boutique

New Spiritual and Yoga Experience Opens in Saddle River, NJ

A new experience has opened up in Saddle River – The Body Image Boutique. Co-owned by Jen Kraft and Melanie Struble, The Body Image Boutique is a unique, empowering place dedicated to the body image and celebrates the body, mind and lives.

Located in the center of Saddle River, NJ, the center is open to women, men and children of all ages and provides an environment where they can let go of their stress, learn to be comfortable in their own skin and embrace positive thinking.

The Body Image Boutique offers nutritional counseling, yoga, reiki (Japanese healing technique), meditation, and psychotherapy.

Come by and find your “happy place” at The Body Image Boutique. Now open for you.

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96 East Allendale Ave
Saddle River, NJ
Phone: 201-708-8448

Al Kurpis

The Body Image Boutique

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