Saddle River People

Rev Run in Saddle River, NJ

Before becoming a Reality Star, this Rapper was an Icon of the 80’s Rap scene and a long time Saddle River Resident

Reverend Run is a resident of Saddle River NJ. Before that in the 80’s he was part of the iconic rap group Run DMC. Joseph Simmons (brother of Russell Simmons) was known as Rev. Run or DJ Run and was one of the founding members of Run DMC. He became a practicing minister later on.
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Saddle River People

Nick Cannon, resident of Saddle River, NJ

Nick Cannon – famous host of America’s Got Talent – has called Saddle River his home

As one multi-talented performer who raps, sings, acts does comedy, record produce and entertain, he is best known these days as the host of  popular TV show “America’s Got Talent”. Continue Reading

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