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Suez Water Turns Down Saddle River Water

Saddle River Water

Suez Water Turns Down Leasing Town’s Water

A final answer came from Suez Water on leasing the water from a well in Rindlaub Park, in the heart of Saddle River.

During the last town meeting, Mayor Al Kurpis was asked about the status of the well and leasing with Suez Water.  Kurpis answered that the matter is “dropped and closed.”  He clarified that after preliminary discussions with Suez, the company decided not to pursue leasing water from the Town.

To learn more about the possible leasing of water with Suez, read the previous post

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  1. Jon Kurpis

    It should be noted that Mayor Kurpis wasn’t going to pursue leasing the the well to Suez even if they wanted to move forward with it. This article makes it seem like Suez made the final decision and that is a far cry from the truth.


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