Schools of Saddle River NJ

Schools of Saddle River, NJ

The Ultimate Guide to Schools for Saddle River, NJ Residents

[UPDATED 10/14/17] The town of Saddle River NJ is blessed in having access to numerous award-winning and highly ranked schools for their residents. From Pre-K to 12th grade, Saddle River residents have a diverse selection of public and private choices.

Saddle River is located in Bergen County, New Jersey which is saturated with highly ranked public schools and private schools alike.

Education is a prime focus for many households in the area and Saddle River as a premium housing location in the northern part of New Jersey makes educational choices a top priority for their residents and children.


It all starts with Wandell Elementary

Wandell School in Saddle River, NJ
Wandell School Entrance

Wandell Elementary School is the heart and soul of downtown Saddle River. Built over 100 years ago the school represents Saddle River’s commitment to the community and their children.

Wandell offers Pre-K classes starting at age 3. Regular classes start at kindergarten and go on to 5th grade. Wandell offers special attention from teachers to their students with an average ratio of 8 students to 1 teacher per classroom.

In 2017 Wandell Elementary was named by as the 13th best elementary school in the state of NJ.

Middle School

Eric S. Smith Middle School

Eric S Smith Middle School in Ramsey NJ

From Wandell Elementary School students are then sent to Eric S. Smith Middle School located in the neighboring town of Ramsey, NJ.

Eric S. Smith Middle School is an excellent middle school that has provided great test scores, advanced STEM courses and has a diverse background of students.

The STEM participation rates and pass rates are above state average.  Students to a teacher is a low 11-to-1.

Saddle River students have the option to be bused from their homes to the school.

Other Middle School Options

Besides going to Eric S. Smith, there are several private or paid options for Saddle River students to attend middle school.

Saddle River Day School
Small private school located in Saddle River and has small classes and focus on lots of resources and attention to their students.

Saddle River Day School

Emil A. Cavallini Middle School
The official public middle school of Upper Saddle River residents, the school offers slots to Saddle River students based on paying a tuition.

Emil A Cavallini in Upper Saddle River NJ

The tuition for 2017 for a Saddle River student was $14,000 a year.

The benefits of entering Cavallini is the close proximity of the school to Saddle River, great teachers and graduation of its students to Northern Highlands Regional High School (as with students of Eric S Smith Middle School).

High School

Saddle River students have the option of two wonderful and prestige public High Schools as their choice for grades 9-12.

Ramsey High School

Ramsey High School

Saddle River students have the option to continue their High School education in the Ramsey school system at Ramsey High School.

In the most recent ranking of New Jersey Monthly, Ramsey was ranked as the 21st best high school in the state of NJ and was 2nd in all of Bergen County.

Ramsey High School also received in 2016 the Apple Distinguished District – a national award that recognized schools for their innovation, leadership and educational programs.

Ramsey High School has almost 900 students enrolled in 2015 with a student-to-teacher ratio of 10-1. For student activities, the school offers 26 different athletic programs and numerous clubs to choose from (Ramsey has currently 45 co-curricular programs for students).

Ramsey High School athletes have captured 4 league, 1 county and 2 state sectional championships while the award-winning Big Blue Marching Band has completed 12 years straight in the Tournament of Bands Atlantic Coast Championships.

Northern Highlands Regional High School

Northern Highlands Regional High School, serving Saddle River NJ

In the past decade, Northern Highlands Regional High School (NHRHS) has climbed up the rankings as one of the best public schools in the state of New Jersey. has ranked NHRHS as the 15th best High School in the state of New Jersey.

NHRHS serves as the official high school destination for the students of Allendale, Ho-Ho-Kus, and Upper Saddle River students. Saddle River has the option of sending their children to NHRHS or Ramsey High School.

NHRHS has an enrollment of over 1,300 students as recorded in 2015.

NHRHS offers the best in advanced classes, student diversity, a huge selection of clubs and activities for its student body and a nationally ranked sports program. The Girls Soccer teams are ranked on both State and National levels.

Due to the high rankings of NHRHS over the years, and beating other dominant schools in Bergen County on the lists (i.e. Tenafly High School, Ridgewood High School), NHRHS has drawn a huge amount of attention for families looking to settle into the area.

Other High School Options

If looking for other options for High School, there is a wealth of quality private schools in the area. There are several Catholic schools in Bergen County including Don Bosco, St. Joesph’s,  Immaculate Heart Academy, Academy of the Holy Angels and Bergen Catholic High Schools.

For a non-Catholic option, there is famed Dwight-Englewood School and Saddle River Day.

A Wealth of Educational Options

When living in Saddle River realize that education is a key component of the town’s DNA. Saddle River from the beginning has education as the focus of its families and community.

The town offers a wealth of choices for every family’s makeup and point of focus for their children. To learn more about the schools click on the links below.


Wandell Elementary School
Eric S. Smith Middle School
Northern Highlands Regional High School
Emil A. Cavallini School
Saddle River Day School
Dwight-Englewood School


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