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Saddle River Takes Action Against Wild Coyotes

Coyote of Saddle River

Mayor Kurpis and the town of Saddle River orders Wild Coyotes to be Neutralized

Taking immediate action against the growing wild coyote population in town, Mayor Al Kurpis and the town orders action to reduce the Coyote population in the area.

Due to this immediate action, 5 coyotes have been killed as part of a borough-wide initiative. Saddle River Police was given authority within the confines of the law to euthanize the Coyotes.

At a press conference on 9/29 Borough officials and the State Division of Fish and Wildlife explained the issue and their solution to the immediate threat to residents.

This year a pack of wild Coyotes was seen to be aggressive towards other animals and residents in town. Borough animal control officer Carol Tyler mentions that there were 3 large growing coyote families living within the town.

“The larger family groups are the ones that are getting closer to houses and properties,” Tyler said. “The concern with a large group is that they could knock someone down or overpower them.”

The town will continue with this initiative till the wild coyote population is neutralized as a non-threat to the residents. This action is not to eliminate the coyote population as a whole.

Coyote attacks on humans are very rare but Mayor Kurpis does not want to take any chances.

“We want to be proactive so we don’t have a serious incident,” said Kurpis.

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