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Saddle River School Approves Budget

Saddle River School Board

A Tentative Budget is Approved for 2017-2018

The Saddle River Board of Education (BOE) voted on 3/17/17 for a tentative budget that would include staffing cuts at Wandell School.

The vote was passed with 1 dissenting vote against the budget by John Laslandra. He cited the issues with the budget numbers as being inaccurate, and maybe misleading and wanted more inclusiveness and transparency.  His concern was how the budget would affect the education of the children and morale of faculty and staff.

This budget which has now been submitted to the County Executive Superintendent for review and approval. The board and current Superintendent Louis DeLisio did not cite what specific cuts would be at this time. BOE President Thomas Weng said the board had till 5/12 to make any further adjustments to the budget.

The current issue with the school is attendance. DeLisio mentioned the tuition school programs for 3 and 4-year olds will continue but has a smaller enrollment this year. This may lead to elimination of extra classrooms and/or teachers. Enrollment numbers for the tuition-based school programs have been an ongoing issue due to their annual reduced enrollment numbers. Due to the low enrollments, School officials has stated the district has been losing money on this program. Thomas Weng said the district and officials are looking for solutions to address the revenue issues so the impact of cuts may be lessened on school staff.

There will be one more public session for the resident of town to learn more about the budget and the potential cuts before the budget is approved and placed in effect.

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