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Saddle River Police Warns Residents About Coyotes

Coyote eating baby deer in Saddle River
Credit: Banyal

Saddle River has Wild Coyotes

Early last week a Saddle River resident was walking her dog when she was surrounded by a pack of wild Coyotes who were looking to attack her or her dog.

Luckily a car was passing by and honked their horn to scare away the wild predators. Saddle River Police now is warning all residents to not leave their pets or small children unattended outside. They also recommend to people to carry a ‘walking stick’ and/or carry an air horn to make loud noises to scare off the creatures.

Coyote Explosion

The recent uptick of Coyotes in the area are being blamed on the uncontrolled deer population that has plagued the town. Due to years of inaction by the town and interfere of the animal-right proponents the deer population has only grown throughout the years. Coyotes are the natural predators of deer and may have been drawn to the area due to the deer.

National Geographic Live

Recently on a Saturday morning, a score of drivers driving on E. Allendale Road past a  team of Coyotes that recently killed and was feasting on a baby deer on the front lawn of a Saddle River home.  At a recent town council meeting, town residents discussed ways to control the coyote danger that is now affecting the town. No course of action was determined from the meeting.


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