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Saddle River Inn

Saddle River Inn

A classic 3-star dining experience in the heart of Saddle River NJ

Located in the center of town, right by the ‘Saddle River’ is the Saddle River Inn. One of the toughest reservations to catch in Bergen County, the Saddle River Inn is worth the price of entry.

Jamie Knott and David Madison are the owners of this stellar restaurant that is creative and approachable in the custom food offerings they serve.

Housed in a barn built in 1791, the restaurant first open in 1981. The current owners brought the Inn in 2014 and made the space less fancy and more rustic and trendy.

The owners come from the Esquared Hospitality group in NYC, which runs famed restaurants like BLT Steak and China Grill. Here they offer a full range of dishes that you will savor.

So book a table and bring your own drinks and have a grand time at the Saddle River Inn.

Saddle River Inn
2 Barnstable Court
Saddle River
Phone: 201-825-4016


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