Saddle River FAQ

Saddle River FAQ

Some Great Facts About Saddle River NJ

Want to know more about Saddle River, located in Bergen County, NJ? Here are some great facts to know about this town:

Saddle River is a Small Town

Saddle River is a small town, with only 3,000 residents living in the town. While small the town has a 2-acre zoning law, letting residents have tons of private space in a congested part of NJ.

Close to New York City

Saddle River is literally 30 minutes by car from New York City. Without any traffic that is.

Low Property Taxes

Saddle River has some of the lowest property taxes in the county. This is due to limited town services including no public middle school or high school.


While Saddle River does not have a public middle or high school, it does share resources with its neighboring towns including the Allendale’s Northern Highlands and Ramsey Smith School. As residents of Saddle River, parents have choice of sending their children to Smith School for middle school and for high school either Northern Highlands or Ramsey High School. In addition, Saddle River is home to the private school Saddle River Day School.

Big Homes

Saddle River is home to some of the largest homes in the area. Many are mansions including 10,000 plus SF homes and prices range from the average price of $1.8 million to 15 million dollars. Here’s an example of a Saddle River home.

Celebrities and HNW Individuals

Former President Richard Nixon use to call Saddle River home. Now its home to celebrities like Rev. Run from Run DMC, Rosie O-Donnell and Nick Cannon. And its home to many high powered individuals, business owners and High Net-Worth Individuals (HNW).

Wandell School

Saddle River’s public school is Wandell which is home to children from Kindergarten to 5th grade. Wandell has just celebrated its 100th birthday.

The Water is Fresh

Most homes in Saddle River has a well and receive their water from their own personal water well. This includes water for their bathrooms, kitchen and lawns. There is also the option to hook up to the water company.

Location, Location, Location

Being in the popular and congested suburb of New York City, Saddle River is in a great location. NYC is 30 minutes away, but even closer is the shopping centers of Paramus NJ, as well as easy access to Westchester NY, or down the shore via the Garden State Parkway. Everything is close by.

Friendly Neighbors

The residents of Saddle River are proud of their town but also friendly. Even having residents that may be super affluent, influential, famous or all of above, they are all super nice. As a member of the community Saddle River folks are easy going and friendly to each other.

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Saddle River has no public library. Upper Saddle River which has one and shares the same zip code with Saddle River does not offer membership, they ask Saddle River residents to pay a annual fee. Better to go to Montvale’s public library – they charge also but its bigger and nicer.

Is There a River?

Yes there is a river the runs thru town and its called Saddle River.





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