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Saddle River Board Welcomes New Members

Paige Egan and Tanya Valency were sworn in Tuesday after defeating the 10-year board veterans in the November election.
Photo: Kevin R. Wexler/North

New Saddle River Board Members Get Started in 2017

After a defeating two 10-year board veterans in the November 2016 elections, Paige Egan and Tanya Valency took their seats in the first Saddle River Board of Education meeting for 2017.

The action started early with Egan nominating trustee Tom Weng for the President of the Board position, after John Lasalandra‘s nomination for Jennifer Connolly failed. Valency seconded Weng’s nomination with Lasalandra being the only dissenting vote. Jennifer Connolly was voted as the vice president of the board.

Both Egan and Valency are current parents of children at Wandell. They cited during their campaign the lack of trust between the board and the public/parents, the matter of spending of the school budgets and the current district’s relationships with other high schools as the main issues to focus on.

For 2017 the top priority for the board is to find a permanent superintendent for Wandell School, with interim superintendents filling the role since 2014.

“[Education] is good at Wandell, but it needs to be better,” Valency said. “Saddle River should have a top-notch school. Education is moving very quickly. We have to keep changing – if you’re not striving for something else, you’re behind.”

[Source: North]


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