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Rev Run

Rev Run in Saddle River, NJ

Before becoming a Reality Star, this Rapper was an Icon of the 80’s Rap scene and a long time Saddle River Resident

Reverend Run is a resident of Saddle River NJ. Before that in the 80’s he was part of the iconic rap group Run DMC. Joseph Simmons (brother of Russell Simmons) was known as Rev. Run or DJ Run and was one of the founding members of Run DMC. He became a practicing minister later on.

Rev Run moved to Saddle River during that time and with is wife Justine, they have raised their loving family in this beautiful town. In the 2000’s, teaming up with MTV, he brought his home and the town of Saddle River to the young hip crowd with the hit reality show “Run’s House”.  Showcasing his parenting skills, the show highlights the house they live in as well as the six children they love and raise together.

Rev Run is most proud of his role as America’s favorite Rap Dad. Using the media, he is able to send out messages to his fan about family life and love. With comedy, patience, honesty and love, he gives viewers a glimpse into their everyday lives.

If you come to Saddle River, you see Rev Run around town or at the local Apple Store in Tice Mall

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