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Saddle River Deer Issue

After Years of Debate and Voting Saddle River Still Has a Deer Problem

After a vote in 2016 and multiple meetings on the issue, Saddle River still has a deer problem that won’t go away. This month NJ’s Environmental Commission recommended moving forward with a controlled hunt to reduce the overabundant population of deer that has been plaguing the town and its neighbors.
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Saddle River News

Saddle River Borough Building

The Mayor and Council Takes Action to Improve the Town

In a bid to make the town a more attractive place to live for new homeowners, Mayor Al Kurpis and the Council has been active in creating or adopting new ordinances that address specific issues. Continue Reading

Saddle River News

Best Wishes from Saddle River News

We all wish everyone and their families a great Memorial Day. Please be safe and safe travels on where ever your destination may be this weekend.