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ER ExpressCare

ER Expresscare, urgent care in NJ

Superior Medical Service for Saddle River

For many people urgent care centers has been the favorite alternative to visiting an emergency room at a hospital. Local resident and Orthopedic Surgeon Doug Holden has created a new urgent care center for Saddle River residents and all of Bergen County, NJ – ER ExpressCare

ER ExpressCare provides super medical service by highly trained practitioners with emergency medical experience. And its all without the wait! There are many advantages that a patient may find in a urgent care center over an Emergency Room. Speed is one of them. Urgent care centers have significantly reduced wait times compared to Emergency Rooms in hospitals. Also ER ExpressCare accepts all major participating insurance carriers. And ER ExpressCare is open 7 days a week and walk-ins are always accepted.

Besides emergencies, ER ExpressCare also does In-house lab tests, onsite X-rays, pediatric care, vaccinations and diagnostic testing.

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ER Expresscare, urgent care for NJ

24-19 Broadway
Fair Lawn, NJ

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